Titanium Mesh Necklaces

$36.00 - $42.00
These amazing 1" hypoallergenic necklaces come in 11 beautiful colors (which are permanent) and 18", 22" and 24" lengths. They are great fun because they can be shaped according to your whim. It can easily be expanded into a flat ribbon, gently pulled at the edges for a lacy effect or twisted into a spiral, then reshaped back into its original coil simply by rolling it between your index fingers and thumbs (no nails) or with your palm on a flat surface. The more you pull it out the shorter it becomes. You can adjust the length to your neckline by simply pulling out a short portion at the clasp. Please view the video for more tips.
The clasp is easy to use and very secure... a simple push and twist to open or close. Each necklaces comes with written instructions.

The 1/4" and 1/2" adjustable titanium necklaces can be used in much the same way. They come to you flat but they can be shaped just like the wider mesh. If you do roll this narrower mesh into a coil, I suggest you leave a small area flat so you can open it again more easily. These mesh chains are attached to the pendant with crimp ends which are first glued and then crimped to secure the clasp to the mesh.
Have a favorite pin that you like but don't wear that often? Here's your chance to turn it into a necklace by simply mounting it on one of our pin converters.
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