Free Climber Ear Cuff, Bronze

Item: 276B BNZ
$20.00 $15.00
Bronze Jewelry, Ear Cuff, 1" x 1/2"

Little Man has become a climber! This little guy... whether in sterling or bronze just loves to hang out and you can wear him on either ear!

A set it and forget it piece of jewelry, your cuff will come sized in a neutral open-arm position. To put it on, slide his arms around the mid-upper edge of your ear, slide him down while also turning him slightly inward as you come to the curve where he sits. Gently pinch his arms to hold your ear tighter but don't push too hard, you'll pinch your ear! He should be secure but not hugging too much.
Once you have him in place you should not have to adjust again. Avoid opening ans closing his arms as this will cause metal fatigue.

Wear on either ear.

Please note: Bronze is a malleable metal and will bend back and forth more easily than Sterling Silver. This cuff might make good practice before attempting the Sterling Silver version.

Also available in Sterling Silver.
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