Lowbush Cranberry Neckpiece, Garnet & Red Pearl *

Item: 139D
Lowbush Cranberry Necklace, Silver Jewelry, Toggle, Freshwater Pearls & Garnets, Cable, 1/2" x 1 3/8", 18" Length
Closely related to the old world Lingonberry, this wild variety of Lowbush cranberry is found throughout the bogs of Interior Alaska and it is just as tart and delicious as its larger cousin. The red freshwater pearls and deep-red garnets make this piece a stand-out!
The toggle works as two interlocking parts, simple to use but secure. It can be worn two separate ways; in front and it becomes your focal point or in back and you maximize the pearl and garnet's natural richness of luster and chaotic order, plus you have a great 'walking away' look.
>Matching earrings are available.
>Each piece comes with detailed instructions.
>Each pearl and garnet is crimped in place and will never require restringing.
>The Soft-Flex cable is made from 7 strands of 7 strands (49 total) of stainless steel.

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