Judie Gumm Designs Guarantee

Thanks for your interest in Judie Gumm Designs. When you purchase a piece of our work you are supporting a method and style of jewelry making that is rooted in old world tradition. In our last 30 years of business, our customers have come to expect the type of service that is backed by the “pride of hand made.”

From our somewhat remote studio, located in the small town of Ester (outside of Fairbanks, Alaska) —we have been shipping to a devoted nationwide customer base for the last 20 years. With the advent of her web site, we are discovering that similar level of appreciation on an international level. Even though we now ship worldwide, one can still find Judie behind the counter waiting on customers or answering questions over the phone.

As her husband, business partner and one of her biggest fans, the thing that I find special about her art is that it says something that needs to be said. The intricate balance and beauty within nature; the complicated yet delicate web of human connection; our relationship to a higher spiritual power– are symbolic themes that she consistently employs that offer the possibility that jewelry can be worn as a type of amulet that “magics” the wearer with beauty.

Our mission is not to sell jewelry but to make you a life long customer. We employ standards in our shop that are often found only in jewelry that sells for a multiple of our price. Even though we consider ourselves a production facility, every piece in our line is touched by the human hand and every piece starts as an idea in Judie’s imagination. As you know in the world of massed produced everything–it is hard to find anything that offers a bit of “soul” at an affordable price.

Our jewelry also comes with an unconditional “no questions asked” 30 day return policy. If you are dissatisfied–simply return it to us for a full refund. Our work is also guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year.

In addition to the above, when you own a piece of Judie’s distinctive jewelry, you will receive a lifetime of service for its useable life. Because we make it we can also repair it. We are now replacing single lost earrings and repairing work that has been inherited by a second generation.

Thanks for purchasing our jewelry. We hope that it gives many years of pleasure for you or someone you love.

—Richard Gumm