Thank you for considering offering Judie Gumm Designs in your store or gallery. If you decide to become a wholesale customer simply fill out and fax us the Wholesale Application. Once we have had an opportunity to review your application, we’ll get right back to you. The application process is important to us. We view it as the first important step towards building a partnership in bringing your customers distinctive jewelry made in the tradition of fine American craft. The following are highlights of our Wholesale Policies that are especially relevant for new customers.

  1. PAYMENT:  First orders are shipped prepaid only. Credit card or Check.
    Once credit is established: Terms: Net 30. 1.5% interest per month will be charged on past due accounts. We do not accept credit card payments. Minimum first order is $500, no minimum on all subsequent orders. All prices are FOB Fairbanks. A fee of $25 will be charged on all returned checks.
  2. DELIVERY: 5 to 10 working days, depending on season.
  3. POSTAGE: Items will be shipped Priority Insured by US Mail. Express Mail is available, please request a price quote. Shipping charges will include postage, insurance and a $4 handling fee per order.
  4. BACK ORDERS: We will pay all freight charges for back orders.
  5. GUARANTEE: Our jewelry is guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for one year from the date of purchase.
  6. PACKAGING: All items will be carded and shipped in individual plastic bags with an anti-tarnish strip.
  7. SPECIAL ORDERS: If you see a design you like but it is not offered in a particular style e.g.—a bracelet instead of a pendant, just ask! Many times a design can be changed to fit the need. There is a minimum order of 5 for special designs.
  8. TRADEMARK: All Judie Gumm Designs jewelry is copyrighted.
  9. RETURNS: We will be happy to accept the return of unsold jewelry (maximum of $500 per year) that is currently offered for a minimum 15% restocking fee. If it is highly tarnished, there will be a greater restocking fee. Items that have been discontinued will not be accepted for return, however, they will automatically be cleaned and returned for a $2 per item charge plus postage. Please call, fax, or email ahead to determine if your intended returns are still current. Returns for credit only, no cash refunds.
  10. ADVERTISING: Please call before you decide to advertise one of our designs. Some pieces take longer to manufacture and demand can easily outstrip supply. We have an excellent collection of digital images that we will be happy to loan.

  11. CARE OF JEWELRY:  Please keep all jewelry not on display in the plastic bags supplied at the time of shipment to prevent tarnish. We supply a small anti-tarnish strip for each individually bagged silver item.
    • REPAIR: We will be happy to repair any of our jewelry for a nominal fee, or free if it is due to a flaw in the piece. If returned items are improperly shipped and damage occurs, we will charge for the repair. If a customer returns a piece to be repaired, it is more cost effective for all to have them contact us directly.
    • PEWTER JEWELRY: We use lead-free metal in all of our jewelry designs.
    • PIN LOSS PREVENTION: The rubber sleeves on your customer’s pin or hook earrings are their insurance against loss and an excellent selling point. Please explain to them how they work. For earrings, gently push and twist the sleeve until it rests just behind the earlobe. For a pin, insert the stem into the fabric and when the point protrudes slip on the sleeve and close the pin. If the catch opens, the pin stays in place! Instructions are attached to each pin.
    • EARRINGS: All posts and french hooks are sterling. Some designs are made with niobium ear wires, a hypo-allergenic metal. Ear nuts are rubber or titanium.
    • STONES: Most of the gemstones in our line are natural therefore their colors and inclusions might vary slightly. Red Jade and some of the colored pearls are dyed. We also offer several simulated (man-made) choices, opal, cubic zirconia, and Swarvoski crystals.
    • CARE CARDS: We supply a small, fold-able care/biographical card (1 3/4”) for each item purchased, at no charge. The card tells a little bit about Judie Gumm and gives your customers instructions for caring for their purchases. A more in-depth sterling silver care sheet is available upon request.

    • Color Biographical card of the artist for display in the show case

  13. SHOWROOM: Our showroom and manufacturing site is a restored gold camp bunkhouse from the 1930’s. Please stop in and visit the next time you’re in town. Our hours: May through December 23th, Monday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday noon to 5 pm; January through April, Monday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm, closed on Saturdays.
  14. ORDERING: Our complete line can be seen on our website or Etsy. Please note that all prices are keystone, your cost is half. Items available at wholesale are denoted with a (W) next to the name of the item. We try to limit our wholesale accounts to one account per zip code area. Please check with us and we will be happy to see if someone else is already representing our work in that area.
  15. Please note, if you’re one of our local retailers and a completed order is not picked up (per your request) within 10 days of completion all items will be restocked and you will need to reorder (which will be subject to the same 10 business day turn-around as usual).
  16. RUSH ORDERS: If you’d like an order in less than the customary 10 business day period, you will be subject to an additional fee (to be determined according to stock availability, seasonal capacity and time frame).

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