The world of beading products has been improving by leaps and bounds over the past ten years. Old cable, sometimes called tiger-tail, was stiff and kinked easily and it was only available in one color, grey. The new brand of cable is a great product because it requires so little maintenance and is extremely strong and supple. It comes in many colors and thicknesses so it can be customized to the size and color of the bead.

I always use a cable which is made of 7 strands of 7 strands or 49 strands of stainless steel wire. Each pack of seven strands are twisted together, then those 7 packs are twisted together to form one strand. It is then covered with a fine coating of clear or colored plastic. The beauty of this product is that your piece may never need to be restrung.
I use a combination of construction techniques to string both pearl strands and gemstone strands. I will use small rubber beads (2m) and knot every 5th pearl or I will use a small metal crimp bead (2m) and will crimp that whenever I feel it needs it, usually every 5th bead. I finish the ends using sterling silver guardians which protect the cable from undue wear at the clasp. I also double crimp at the ends, sometimes using a knot. These are very secure necklaces!

I will restring any strand free of charge if it breaks or comes apart within the first year of purchase.

Some things you can do to prolong the life of the soft-fex are:

-Never store your necklace by hanging it from a hook
-Store your piece gently coiled in the provided zip-lock bag or box
-Do not store in direct sunlight
-Keep them out of hand hands of small children

You can wash your piece periodically in mild soap ad water to remove the oils from the beads. It can be dried and worn immediately.

Remember my rule for wearing jewelry…Last On, First Off

If for any reason you feel your piece needs to be restrung, please call the shop for a price quote.
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