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 O'Tanana (Butterfly) Necklace, Sterling Silver

 Holographic Quartz (man-made), 1" x 3/4" 16- 18" Stainless Steel Cable

Alaska has a new butterfly and this one comes with anti-freeze! It's called the Tanana Arctic, or scientifically, Oeneis tanana and what better color to give this pendant than... you guessed it, the blue-green color of antifreeze. Accented with 7 quartz beads containing a small slip of holographic material, this collar-like neckpiece just glows, even in black light!
The double strand of the black cable is 7 strands of 7 strands (49 x 2)) of stainless steel wire twisted together and coated which makes it both strong and supple.

-Matching Earrings
-Easy-to-use lobster clasps
-Jump-rings are soldered closed
-See our cable description in the Jewelry Care & Information section
-November birthstone

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