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Blueberry Earrings

Silver Alaskan Jewelry, Lapis lazuli, 1 1/4" x 5/8", Hook

These earrings have always been one of the bestselling items in my Alaskan jewelry line. A "berry-licious" lapis bead is tucked within two silver leaves, gracing these blueberry earrings with a classical elegance which makes them ever a favorite. Plus, you get to wear them all year-round!

One of our favorite past times here in Alaska is berry picking, especially blueberries. We then have to decide what to do with them and one of my favorite treats is to make blueberry liquor. It is time-consuming (because the seeds are so small and difficult to strain) but the reward is a tart-sweet-liqueur that can bring back the long slow days of summer especially in the middle of winter.

I love to design. Wherever I walk, I always look for ways to capture the natural world in a new piece of jewelry.  I owe my talent as an artist to my maternal grandfather, Erland Waastrom, a Swede who immigrated to this country in the early 20th century. My grandfather was a visual artist. He painted versions of old masters in oils and even recreated the Mona Lisa in pastels! He was also a sculptor and worked in various mediums, including metal and wood.  One time he carved a tree root, capturing the image of an embracing couple beneath a grape arbor.  I believe that I have carried his love of art and creativity forward by designing and creating a beautiful collection of Alaskan jewelry.

-Matching pendant and pin.
-More blueberry earring designs.
-Available in a smaller size.
-Safety sleeves are supplied with all hook earrings.
-December birthstone


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