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Alder Neckpiece, One of a Kind, with Golden Citrine, Agate, Serpentine, Black Onyx, Tigerseye, Unikite, Sterling Silver, Bronze, Stainless Steel Cable, 20" Length

The Alder is one of our northern trees whose seed is a small cone. The ones included in this neckpiece are made from bronze and are replica casts of actual cones. The alder offers cover for our many migratory birds who build their nests among its foliage.
I found these lentil cut, matte finished beads at the gem show several years ago and I love how they fit together. Worn like a collar, the weight is just right to hold the alder clasp in place, either front or side.
The earrings are set with beautiful Golden Citrine.

This piece is strung with soft flex stainless steel cable which is both strong and supple. It consists of 7 strands of 7 strands (49 x 2) twisted together and coated for durability. See our Jewelry and Information section for a more in-depth description of Soft-Flex cable.

-One of a Kind
-All post earrings come with titanium earnuts.
-Earrings included-Set not sold separately
-November birthstone

All of my gallery pieces are supplied with a velvet lined padded box, a gift/care card, polishing cloth, special instructions as needed and an anti-tarnish paper to help keep your piece tarnish-free. please call 1 800 478 4568 if you have any questions.

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