Sterling Silver Jewelry, Phenacite & Amethyst 21.5” Length  

Stainless Steel Cable, One of a Kind

Sacred to the Scots, the Thistle is their national emblem. It is said that Charlemagne used the thistle to cure his troops of the plague. Also called Our Lady’s Thistle and Cursed Thistle... especially apt when you step on one!

Phenacite is a much sought after gemstone and very rare in large quantities. It is mined in Russia as well as Africa. Phenacite is said to help deepen meditation.

Many of my special pieces are strung on stainless steel cable which is made from 7 strands of 7 strands (49 strands total) which are twisted together to form the cable. It is both supple and strong. I guarantee my cable for the life of the piece and will restring as needed.

Earrings Included    Set not Sold Separately

All my gallery pieces will be supplied with a special box or pearl folder. It will also be supplied with anti-tarnish strips, polishing cloth and a description of the piece. If you have any questions, please call the shop: 1 800 478 4568 and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns. Thanks for considering one of my special designs!  

Warm Regard,

Judie Gumm




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