Sterling Silver Jewelry   Keshi Pearls  Ethiopian Opal    22" Length  

Stainless Steel Cable

We have had a beautiful fall which is one of my favorite times of the year.  But it always happens... just as the colors are reaching their peak, the wind comes along and blows it all away. I wanted to capture that moment when all was still, and the leaves had their chance to turn the color of the rainbow. The Keshi pearls are perfect for this piece, along with the beautiful Ethiopian Opal which captures the fall colors.  I had to give the wind its due, and you can see it swirling within the earrings. The clasp provides a beautiful "walking away" look, just right for that short haircut or updo!

The leaves are colored with a permanent metal dye which has been carefully applied then sealed to protect the finish. It also comes with instructions on how to care for your piece.This piece has been strung using stainless steel cable. Please go my home page>Scroll to the bottom>Jewelry Care & Information>Cable. This will give you all the information about the cable and how to care for it.


                                   Earrings Included       Set Not Sold Separately

All my gallery pieces will be supplied with a special box or pearl folder. It will also be supplied with anti-tarnish strips, polishing cloth and a description of the piece. If you have any questions, please call the shop: 1 800 478 4568 and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns. Thanks for considering one of my special designs!  

Warm Regard,

Judie Gumm