Item: 248BP Lapis


                                       Blueberry Earrings

                                 Silver Jewelry, Lapis lazuli, 3/4" x 1/2", Post

High on a hill or deep in a bog, everyone has their favorite blueberry spot. The season for picking slips away all too soon but you get to wear these ripe earrings all year-round! Alaskan blueberries are found in bogs and ripen quickly in our short summer months. They are both tart and sweet and once you taste them you will never forget them. We make all sorts of goodies with these sweet/tart treats but the best is homemade liquor. It takes a long time to  strain the seeds (which are teenie tiny) but the resulting liquid will leave you wanting more. But we also make, tarts, crisps, pies, jams, jellies... just name it and we make it!

-Matching pieces
-All post earrings are supplied with titanium ear nuts.

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