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Desert Lace: Cholla Cactus Skeleton Necklace

Sterling Silver Southwest Jewelry, Blue Sky Jasper, 2 5/8" x 5/8", Adjustable Length 16" to 18"

Well, it finally happened. After 40+ years of living in Alaska and embracing winter most of those years, we finally decided or maybe winter decided for us, that it was time to head south with the geese, swans and cranes. We ended up in a little community of like-minds in Green Valley, Arizona where we now find ourselves enjoying winter from afar. I tried not to design... I really, truly did. But as you can see it presented me with a new challenge. One I gleefully accepted.

The Sonoran desert of southwest Arizona is the wettest desert in the world receiving up to 15 inches of rain per year. It is home to the Saguaro, Cholla and Prickly Pear cactus, just to name a few. There is always a surprise when you take a walk... this "desert lace" is one of them. This sterling silver cactus skeleton necklace is modeled after the Cholla (choy-ya), whose diamond lace pattern I fell in love with. It presented me with a new endeavour at my wax carving bench. This necklace is the result. Enjoy!

Reminiscent of turquoise, the Blue Sky Jasper captures the beautiful earthy colors found in the desert. The adjustable Greek leather cord is both durable and heavy enough to retain it shape.

-Matching earrings are available
-Adjustable Greek leather cord

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