Item: 123F Green Pearl


Celtic Jewelry

Silver Pendant, Green Freshwater Pearl, 5/8" x 1", 18" Length

This intricate Celtic pendant was designed after seeing a similar one in the Book of Kells. It looks quite simple but designing these Celtic pieces was more difficult than I imagined because I had to keep track of each line, which one went over and which went under and this was a relatively simple design. They certainly didn't have graft paper back then! Creating these pieces gave me gave me a much greater appreciation for theĀ  ancient Celtic craftsmen.

When I was traveling in Ireland and Wales a number of years ago, I was always amazed by the intricate work created on the headstones in cemeteries. No matter how weathered, you could still see the patterns.

The simple but elegant curved bar chain compliments the curves in the design.

-Matching earrings
-Easy to use lobster clasp
-All jump rings are soldered closed
-June birthstone

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1 review for Loon Necklace, Celtic, Garnet

  1. Linda Riley

    My husband gave me these earrings for Christmas. We spend part of our summer in the Adirondack Mountains on either Loon Lake or Brant Lake where we get to see and hear the wonderful loons. The earrings are absolutely perfect and so meaningful. I love them!

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