Item: 157A


Cranberry Pendant

Silver Jewelry, Garnets, 7/8" x 3/4", 18" Chain

The Garnet beads shimmer with a rosy cachet when backed by these highly reflective silver leaves.                    The Highbush Cranberry, is 3 to 5 ft. tall shrub which grows in the under-story of our northern forests.  After the first frost, they have a very distinctive fragrance so you always know when they are ready to pick. We make jams, jellies, butter and just about anything you can think of. I love juicing the berries and making a punch with apple cider. When I first moved to Alaska and smelled the pungent odor of the berries for the first time, I wondered where that "stink" was coming from. Over the years I have learned to anticipate the fragrance as a sign of the upcoming harvest!

-Matching Earrings are available
-Easy to use lobster clasp
-All jump rings are soldered closed
-Garnet is the birthstone for January


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