Item: 272BP Pearl


Curved Hoop, River, Earrings

Silver Jewelry, Freshwater Pearl, 1 1/8" Diameter, Post

These simple curved hoops are designed to match the curves in our Alaskan rivers. We have many beautiful rivers in Alaska and the one that flows through Fairbanks is no exception. It is call the Chena (chee-na) and it serves as a highway in summer as well as in winter. It's great for skiing, snowmobiles and rafting/canoeing. But, our rivers are too cold to swim in no matter what time of year. I have done it once in 1987, we had two weeks of +90 degree days. We went canoeing on Birch Creek that year and actually floated in our life jackets down the river for quite a way.  It was totally delightful and the look on my daughter's face as she bobbed along with the current was priceless.

-Matching brooch is available
-All post earrings come with titanium earnuts
-June birthstone

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