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Dragonfly Necklace, Silver Jewelry, Secret Toggle Necklace, White Freshwater Pearls, 1 1/8" x 1 1/2", 18" Length Cable

Dragonflies clack and swoop their way into our lives every summer, not only bringing with them the promise of keeping all those pesky mosquitoes at bay but also dazzling us with their aerial displays. This dragonfly is tucked within silver cattails. The toggle works as two interlocking parts, simple to use but secure. It can be worn two separate ways; in front and it becomes your focal point or in back and you maximize the pearl's natural richness of luster and chaotic order, plus you have a great 'walking away' look.

I designed my first dragonfly pendant in 1972. I had just moved to Alaska and was living in a cabin not too far from where I now reside. As I worked on my original dragonfly pendant and earrings, I realized that I didn't know if dragonflies had antennas. But at that very moment, my cat presented me with what I thought was a dead dragonfly. He placed it very carefully on my workbench. It lay absolutely still so I reached over and grabbed it by its tail. Much to my amazement, it wasn't dead and darned if that insect didn't wrap itself around my finger and thumb, buzzing loudly. I learned at that moment that dragonflies do not have antennas, they vibrate and are sticky, very sticky.

-Matching earrings are available.
-Each piece comes with detailed instructions.
-Each pearl is crimped in place and will never require restringing.
-The Soft-Flex cable is made from 7 strands of 7 strands (49 total) of stainless steel.

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