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Dragonfly Pendant Necklace,

Silver Jewelry, Alaskan Gold Nuggets, Gold-fill Beads, 1 1/4" x 5/8", 16"-19" Adjustable, 1/4" Titanium Mesh (Gold colored)

These winged beauties delight me in many ways, through their acrobatic flight, dazzling colors and voracious mosquito-eating. An Alaskan gold nugget accent between each wing weighs them down just a little and keeps them from flying away!

I designed my first dragonfly pendant necklace in 1972. I had just moved to Alaska and was living in a cabin not too far from where I now reside. As I worked on my original dragonfly pendant and earrings, I realized that I didn't know if dragonflies had antennas. But at that very moment, my cat presented me with what I thought was a dead dragonfly. He placed it very carefully on my workbench. It lay absolutely still so I reached over and grabbed it by its tail. Much to my amazement, it wasn't dead and darned if that insect didn't wrap itself around my finger and thumb, buzzing loudly. I learned at that moment that dragonflies do not have antennas, they vibrate and are sticky, very sticky.

-Matching earrings are available
-Easy to use lobster clasp
-All jump rings are soldered closed
-The chain extender has a gold-fill bead 'end note' for a great 'walking-away' look.
-This sweet pendant is adjustable in two ways: the silver chain extender and spreading the mesh gently with your fingertips, creating a lacy effect (shorter). The mesh is not removable.

Watch the video to learn more about making your own designs with this beautiful and colorful mesh.


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