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Silver Jewelry, Mother of Pearl, Russet Freshwater Pearls, 7/8" x 3/4", 18" Length
The Bald Eagle is a warrior spirit of no compromise. He is equally capable of diving from the sky to deliver a death blow or swooping in an aerial pirouette. The eagle's destiny is inextricably linked to the salmon, as symbolized by the two lower negative spaces and the more realistic inset on the upper wing. The color and luster of these russet pearls is remarkable. The toggle is inset with a color-shift black mother of pearl cabochon.
My secret toggle clasps are designed to be both functional and aesthetically versatile. The clasp works as two simple interlocking parts, much like a puzzle. The substantial weight of the rectangular chain and the silver clasp allows the piece to rest in balance for different presentations. Drape it in front--and the clasp becomes your focal point. Wear it in back--and you show the chain interspersed with pearls for that 'walking away' look. Regardless of your choice, never again will you have to fumble with those tiny jewelry parts that betray both the eyes and hands.
All secret toggle necklaces are packaged in a silk pouch or pearl folder and come with instructions and a polishing cloth. Companion pieces are available.
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