Item: 170C


In Tandem Flying Swan Pendant

Sterling Silver, Copper sun 3/4" x 1", 18" Length

For such large birds, swans move through the air so effortlessly that they look like they will surely collide. The flying swans on this pendant have come a long way and are now looking for that special pond where they will raise their young, completing their cycle of migration. The copper disc on my flying swan pendant celebrates the midnight sun and all the warmth it brings to the Arctic.

This spring I went in search of the swans as there weren't many at our local ponds and fields. I read a story about 200 swans just south of Nenana, a town about 45 miles from Ester. When I arrived at the site there was not a swan in sight. Undeterred, I continued to drive toward Denali Park. About ten miles later I pulled over to the side of the road because I thought I saw something move behind a row of trees. I got out of the car and the first thing I heard was the loud raucous calling of the swans as they honked to each other. They had found an open area with snowmelt and plenty to eat. There were many more than the 200 reported and were a mixed flock of Trumpeter and Tundra. It was a great sighting and well worth the trip.

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