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Fox Spirit Pin/Brooch, Silver Jewelry, 2 1/8" x 1 1/2"

Luck favors the well prepared and Fox's spirit is masterful in creating opportunity. This figure, prancing with confidence, has a horizontal line which connotes boundaries but not limitations—she hunts both day and night, in forest and meadow. (Can you find the symbols of meadow tracks and spruce branches?) Her tail is aurora-shaped (in Scandinavia, the Aurora borealis is known as the light of the foxes!) Her saucy mask is a play on words: "Zorro" is Spanish for fox. Also hidden within her form are her four favorite foods! Can you find them... berries, insects, mice and Ptarmigan.

-Change this pin into a pendant with a Medium Horizontal Pin Converter
-Our Animal Spirit series has two additional cards enclosed in the packaging which explains the symbols and artwork
for each design.


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