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Golden Nugget Jewelry, Dragonfly Pin

Sterling  Silver Jewelry, 24 Karat Gold Nugget, 2" x 1 3/4"

Who has not delighted as a child, watching dragonflies darting about on a summer's day at the edge of a pond? These beautiful insects are always a delight and we welcome their presence during our summer months, as they eat thousands of mosquitoes. I love the sound of their wings as they 'snap' when changing direction. We florentine their wings to add a bit of flash and sparkle. As part of our line of Alaskan golden nugget jewelry, we solder a large 24 karat nugget to their backs. I use only locally mined Alaskan golden nuggets, and I purchase them directly from the miners whenever possible.

I love to design.  Wherever I walk, I always look for ways to capture the natural world in a new piece of jewelry.  I owe my talent as an artist to my maternal grandfather, Erland Waastrom. He was a Swede who immigrated to this country in the early 20th century. Erland was a visual artist. He painted versions of old masters in oils, and even recreated the Mona Lisa in pastels! He was also a sculptor, working in various mediums, including metal and wood.  Once he carved a tree root, capturing the image of an embracing couple beneath a grape arbor.  I believe that I have carried his love of art and creativity forward through my design work.

- Matching Earrings are available
-All our pins and brooches come with a rubber nut. Your insurance policy for securing your pin.
-Change this pin into a pendant with a Large Horizontal Pin Converter or Vertical Pin Converter. Your pin will be oriented differently depending on which converter you use.


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