Item: 161A


Hummingbird Jewelry

Solid Sterling Silver Pin, Brooch 2 1/4" x 2"

Hummingbirds are migrants to the southern part of Alaska and year round residents in Arizona. I love their flying prowess, reminiscent of equal parts helicopter and bumblebee. Hummingbird wings do not flap but rather they move in a figure-8 pattern which allows them not only to move backwards but also hover. They are like small gladiators, fighting one another to see who can have total control over a single feeder. Their jeweled bodies sparkle as the sunlight glances off feathers of startling hues. This special guy comes with a black resin enamel eye.

-All our pins/brooches come with a rubber nut, your insurance policy for securing your pin.
-Change this pin into a pendant with a Medium Horizontal or a Vertical Pin Converter, depending on which you use the pin will hang differently.


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