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Bronze, 2" x 1 1/2" Druzy Quartz, Tassel w/key ring or Cord (Black or Turquoise)

Jubilee 2019 is a commemorative piece celebrating Judie's 50 years of designing jewelry. She started designing in 1969 in Denver, Colorado encouraged by a friend who said, "You'd be good at this". After casting her first piece (which was inspired by a cloud she saw) her journey as a designer began. In 1972 she moved to Alaska with her five year old daughter and everything she owned stuffed into a homemade camper, it was a trip of a life-time. Judie was immediately inspired by her new home and began designing images from nature and continues to do so til present day.

Judie chose the Rooster to symbolize her Jubilee because many significant dates coincide with the 12 year cycle of the Chinese calendar: She was born in 1945, started designing jewelry in 1969, designed her first production pieces in 1981 and moved into her current location in 1993. The rooster symbolizes good fortune, honesty and industriousness. And she also just likes them. This one is crowing….just a little.

Until supplies last, every time you order, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a Jubilee. If you don't want to wait, you can always order one! When you place an order just note which one you would like, pendant or keyring.

"Thank You for your support for my line over these 50 years, I couldn't do what I love without it"


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