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Loon Celtic Pendant

Silver Jewelry, Garnets, Resin Enamel, 1 1/2" x 1", 18" Length

I designed and created this Celtic pattern which is more of a challenge than I anticipated. It is all about making sure that if one line crosses over, then the next must cross under and you want it all to come out even. I used graft paper which make it easier but the Celtic people did not have this and yet their designs are both beautiful and complicated. The Book of Kells was a great inspiration.

I feel this Loon Celtic Pendant holds a balance of both natural and symbolic design elements. I like the way it hangs suspended between the ends of its figure 8 chain. There is a little red epoxy resin in the eye to help them see better under water!

-Matching earrings available
-Easy to use lobster clasps
-Jump rings are soldered closed
-Garnet is the birthstone for January

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