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Loon Spirit Pin

Pewter Jewelry, Resin Enamel, 2 3/8" x 1 1/2"

Once you've heard the siren call of the Loon Spirit, you are fated to return to the North. I chose the Celtic pattern to symbolize this ancient animal of mystery. Do you see its fish supper in the water? The red enamel eye helps them to see better underwater.

I designed these animal spirit pieces to honor the creatures that inhabit my adopted state, Alaska. The animals that call Alaska home have to endure all the seasonal changes from the sub-zero temperatures of our winters to the frenetic activity of our 24hr summer days.

-This pewter pin has two tack backs and military-style clasps (very secure). Because of this, it cannot not use our pin converters.

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  1. Linda Riley

    My husband gave me these earrings for Christmas. We spend part of our summer in the Adirondack Mountains on either Loon Lake or Brant Lake where we get to see and hear the wonderful loons. The earrings are absolutely perfect and so meaningful. I love them!

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