Item: 189B


Madre, Mother and Child Necklace

Sterling Silver Jewelry, Mother of Pearl, Green Patina, Mother and Child Necklace, 1 1/4" x 2", 20" Chain

I have been thinking about making a necklace to honor the special bond between a mother and her newborn child for many years, especially since becoming a grandmother. I have captured the first tender moment when a new mother is in that quiet space, holding her sleeping child. It is a moment of transcendence, awe, and joy. Sometimes a new mom experiences an undercurrent of panic as she begins to fully comprehend the incredible responsibility she has created. It is this mix of joy, wonder, and fear that tempers us and makes us strong. Madre or Mother is such a strong word, one we carry in our hearts our whole lives.

The Celtic symbol on the blanket means Eternity. We carefully apply the green/verdigris patina and seal it to protect the finish and color. When I was looking for a stone to use as the drop, I checked my supplies and there, sitting in a bag tucked away in a bottom drawer was a strand of glowing white Mother of Pearl . It seemed just about perfect.

There is a little plaque on the reverse side for engraving a birth date or dates. So far, I have been able to engrave three dates. There is no charge for engraving.

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