Item: 216AH Pearl


 Make A Wish Earring, Seed Pod

Silver Jewelry, White Freshwater Pearl, 1" x 1/2"

Who hasn't cupped a seed pod gently between their palms, whispered a wish, and let it go with the wind. I have been thinking about this design for a long time but it wasn't until I saw a beautiful desert flower gone to seed at the Catalina State Park just outside downtown Tucson, AZ.... to inspire my creatively! These Make-A-Wish earrings are light weight and have a gentle swing and you don't have to let them go to make your wish come true!

- Safety sleeves are supplied with all hook earrings
-More flower earrings.
- June or November birthstone

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1 review for Snowdrop Flower Earrings, Pearls

  1. Paulette Frisina

    Very nice

    • judiegumm

      Thank You! Judie

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