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Moose Brooch

Sterling Silver Moose Jewelry, Moose Brooch, 1 9/16" x 2 1/8"

My Moose pin represents a majestic spirit with a huge rack for a crown. Standing 6 feet at the shoulder and weighing close to a ton, this Alaskan mammal is the largest of their species. And yet, it possesses a chameleon-like nature that allows it to disappear into the woods at a moment's notice.

Moose are regular visitors to Ester, Alaska which is where I live. They casually roam through town browsing on the willow and the occasional crab apple tree. But what they really like are our gardens, especially when everything is just about ready to harvest. We grab our pots and pans when we see them coming, creating a racket that very often will drive them away. Some of us have gotten smarter over the years and have put up electric fences which keep them on the outside and our harvest safe.

One winter morning, while still dark, my daughter left the house to walk to the school bus stop. She was about halfway to the stop when her flashlight beam reflected something glowing red about 6' off the ground. She knew exactly what it was and beat a hasty retreat back to the house. I drove her to school that day! Can you guess what it was? Yep... it was the reflection of light from the eyes of a moose standing right in the middle of the road.

-Matching earrings are available
-More moose jewelry designs.
-All our pins/brooches come with a rubber nut, your insurance policy for securing your pin.
-Change this pin into a pendant with a Medium Horizontal Pin Converter, pin stem will show slightly

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