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Musk Ox Spirit Pin/Brooch

Silver Jewelry, 2 1/4" x 1 1/4"

An animal of ancient origin the Musk Ox is a survivor of the ice ages. The species evolved a circle defense; adults on the outside and young calves protected within. Hunted almost to extinction, today they roam their ancestral tundra home and number in the hundreds. Their fur (qiviut) is prized by native knitters. His cape has been textured to produce a shimmery surface which diffuses the light.

I designed these animal spirit pieces to honor the creatures that inhabit my adopted state, Alaska. The animals that call Alaska home have to endure all the seasonal changes from the sub-zero temperatures of our winters to the frenetic activity of our 24hr summer days.

-Matching earrings are available
-All our pins/brooches come with a rubber nut, your insurance policy for securing your pin.
-Change this pin into a pendant with a Medium Horizontal Pin Converter

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