Item: special holly garnet


20.5" Length, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel Cable

One of the first songs I couldn't get enough of began with the line "My father gave me an acre of land, sweet holly and ivy..." Holly's iconic red berries and deep green leaves have helped celebrate the winter season for generations. These oval Garnet beads are very unusual and have a lovely deep wine color. Among other meanings, Garnet is the stone of health and commitment. My Holly Wreath was designed in 2000.

Hook Earrings Included
Set Not Sold Separately

Masters Collection:
What is a Master? It is the original model of a piece of jewelry that I designed in wax and then cast in silver using the Lost Wax process. It was intended to reside in a safe until it could be used again but I have decided to permanently retire these designs. Each piece is an original and has been engraved with an "M" or the word "Master" somewhere on the back of the piece. You will also find two dates, the year it was created and the year it was retired. Enjoy! You will now own a true one-of-a-kind.

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