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Owl Jewelry, Pin

Pewter Owl Jewelry, 2" x 1 1/2"

The ancient Celts revered the owl for wisdom and as a protector spirit. The character I have incorporated into my owl jewelry is up to something else. Note how the mice legions dutifully march across his wing. The circles on the top wing symbolize the moon and its phases, as well as the owl's signature hoot. His somewhat comical expression suggests that all insight requires a touch of humor. My pewter owl jewelry has a soft matte finish, accentuating the details of the design.

I designed these animal spirit pieces to honor the creatures that inhabit my adopted state, Alaska. The animals that call Alaska home have to endure all the seasonal changes from the sub-zero temperatures of our winters to the frenetic activity of our 24hr summer days.

My love for birds started early. When I was about 9 years old I walked outside one morning and there, perched on top of an outdoor light fixture, was a very large white bird. I was so startled that I couldn't move. When I did finally run into the house to report the sighting, my dad told me it was a Snowy owl. It spent the day on top of that light and it started my life-long passion for looking and listening for owls wherever I travel.

I love to design.  Wherever I walk, I seek ways to capture the natural world in a new piece of jewelry.  I owe my talent as an artist to my maternal grandfather, Erland Waastrom. He was a Swede who immigrated to this country in the early 20th century. Erland was a visual artist, and he loved to paint versions of old masters in oils. He even recreated the Mona Lisa in pastels! He was also a sculptor and worked in various mediums, including metal and wood.  Once, he carved a tree root, capturing the image of an embracing couple beneath a grape arbor. I believe that I have carried his love of art and creativity forward through my design work.

Additional Owl Jewelry Information

-Owl jewelry available in Bronze and Silver.
-This pewter pin has two tack backs and military-style clasps (very secure). This design will not work with pin converters.
-All Animal Spirit pins come with a card explaining the symbols and artwork for each design.

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