Item: 135A


                          Willow Ptarmigan Slide, Necklace,

                               Silver Jewelry, Red Resin Enamel, 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Our state bird is a master of camouflage and has a name which is often mispronounced. If you remember the 'P' is silent, the rest is easy. But just ask the people of Chicken, Alaska! A chameleon bird, the Ptarmigan changes its color depending upon the season from white in winter to glorious shift of russet and white patterning in summer. In the spring the males sport a bright red eyebrow to entice the ladies. The wings show their distinctive foot print and their preferred food, willow and berries.

This slide is sold separately from the titanium mesh which enables you to use a chain of your own or purchase one of ours.

Watch the video to learn more about making your own designs with this beautiful and colorful mesh.

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