Item: 111F


Raven Song Pendant,

 Moonstone, Black Onyx Star, Sterling Silver,  1/2" x 1 3/4", 16" - 18" Adjustable, Black Leather

Ravens rule the sky all year round but mainly during the winter months.In summer they have to share the skies with migrants. They know many different calls and are considered the most intelligent of the bird species. They fly out from their roosting trees early in the morning and return home in the evening after a day of hunting. Their aerial acrobatics are phenomenal especially during a windy day. Their raucous calls can be heard for miles, especially in the early morning, when you are trying to sleep in! We have a nest in the village of Ester and when the young ones have fledges it's almost like a gang has taken over the trees in my neighbor's yard. This piece is adjustable from 16"-18", just attach the clasp in any link of the 2" chain. The Black Onyx star makes a great "walking away" look.

-Matching Earrings
-Easy to use lobster clasp
-Jump rings are soldered closed

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