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Sterling Silver Jewelry    Peach Chalcedony    Green & Red Jade    Pearl

22" Length   Stainless Steel Cable

Finally… Raven has some peace and quiet from all the hubbub of summer. They have the skies all to themselves and once again they rule the roost! I wonder if they are lonely once all other large birds migrate south. I personally think they are happiest this time of year. 

I chose these beads because they reflect our beautiful forests and the colors we see during our brief but spectacular fall. The Tamarack which is one of my favorite trees was especially gorgeous this year with their golden leaves. The double raven clasp makes a great walking-away look!

To learn more about the stainless steel cable used in my necklaces please go to the home page, scroll to the bottom and click on Jewelry Care and Information. You'll see the heading for the cable.


Earrings Included  Set Not Sold Separately

All my gallery pieces will be supplied with a special box or pearl folder. It will also be supplied with anti-tarnish strips, polishing cloth and a description of the piece. If you have any questions, please call the shop: 1 800 478 4568 and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns. Thanks for considering one of my special designs!  

Warm Regard,

Judie Gumm