Item: 136 BNZ


                      Rose Hip Pin/Brooch, Bronze Jewelry

                                           Carnelian, Gold-fill, 2 1/4" x 1 1/4"

We have beautiful wild roses which make their appearance at summer's beginning and by the fall, they produce a seed pod or hip that is both edible and suitable for jams and jellies. Some folks even pick the petals and make a startling delicious liquor, pale pink in color. Just what you need for those dark winter nights! The Carnelian beads use in this design were difficult to find but they capture the true color of the 'hip' and makes this design look good enough to eat!

-Matching earrings are available
-All our pins/brooches come with a rubber nut, your insurance policy for securing your pin.
-Change this pin into a pendant with a Gold-Fill, Medium Horizontal Pin Converter


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