Item: 282AH


Olé Earrings: Saguaro Cactus Earrings

Sterling Silver, Red and Green Patina, French Hooks, 5/8" x 1 3/8"

Well, it finally happened. After 40+ years of living in Alaska and embracing winter most of those years, we finally decided or maybe winter decided for us, that it was time to head south with the Geese, Swans and Cranes. We ended up in a little community of like-minds in Green Valley, Arizona where we now find ourselves enjoying winter from afar. I tried not to design... I really, truly did. But as you can see it presented me with a new challenge. One I gleefully accepted. We continue to enjoy summers in our home in Ester.

Saguaro (sue-war-oh) Cactus are one of my favorites. Over the past ten years, I have taken many hikes in the desert among these gentle giants (no two look alike) and I truly believe they have a secret life. When we are sleeping and dreaming, they are dancing and celebrating the joys of being the oldest, tallest and most iconic of all the desert species. These whimsical Saguaro Cactus earrings are shouting OLE! while they click the heels of their cowboy boots together. It's spring and their crown is full of flowers that will attract all variety of winged species. They are not alone in the celebration, the Curved-Bill Thrasher, a regular visitor to the mighty Saguaro, is also in attendance. Reminiscent of turquoise, the Blue Sky Jasper captures the beautiful earthy colors found in the desert. The German leather cord is both durable and heavy enough to retain it shape. Enjoy!

-Matching Pendant available
-All hook earrings are supplied with safety sleeves.