Item: 205CP


Salmon Migration, Fish Hoop Earrings

                                       Sterling Silver Jewelry, Hoops, 3/4"

These sterling silver salmon hoop earrings are my ongoing tribute to these amazing fish. They encircle your ear with your very own migration. Our Alaskan waters teem with these wonderous fish from early to late summer. They play a major role in the subsistence life style we enjoy as Alaskans. These silver salmon migrate after hatching, spending five years maturing in the Pacific ocean and then start their return migration to spawn in our many rivers, continuing their life-giving process. They are rich in oil which makes them important to the Alaskan native subsistence way of life by feeding both villages and their dog teams. These wild fish are not to be confused with farm raised salmon from the Atlantic Ocean.

-All silver earrings come with hypoallergenic titanium ear nuts


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