Item: 1013B


Snowflake Slide

Pendant, Silver Jewelry, Cubic Zirconia, 1" x 1", pairs with Titanium Mesh Chains

The first snow always reminds me of tiny diamonds are falling from the sky or at least that's what I wish was happening! It is such a beautiful time of year representing the end of one season and the beginning of the next. I feel that the snowflake symbolizes creation's infinite diversity. The Cubic Zirconia gives it just a little splash of sparkle.

We're excited about the design concept of slides because of their ease of use, versatility, economy, and beauty. This piece looks spectacular on a red or black titanium mesh chain or a chain of your own as the loop on the back is extra large.

- Matching earrings
- April birthstone
- This slide is sold separately from the titanium mesh which enables you to use a chain of your own or purchase one of ours.

Watch the video to learn more about making your own designs with this beautiful and colorful mesh.


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