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Pussywillow Pendant

Sterling Silver Jewelry, White Freshwater Pearls, 1" x 3/4", 18" Small Bar chain

The soft white flowers of the Pussywillow is one of the earliest harbingers of spring. They set forth their buds even when there is still snow on the ground. At the tail end of Winter, when I start to crave a bit of green, I bring a few branches inside and put them in a vase of water. A few days later their sticky green leaves begin to unfurl. I love how their soft, downy buds reflect the light, just like the pearls on this sterling silver pendant. Like much of my sterling silver jewelry, this piece is designed to be formal enough for a night out on the town but casual enough for daily wear. Happy Dyngus Day!

I love to design, so whenever I go for a walk, I always look for new ways to capture the natural world in a piece of jewelry.  I owe my talent as an artist to my maternal grandfather, Erland Waastrom, a Swede who immigrated to this country in the early 20th century. My grandfather was a visual artist. He painted versions of old masters in oils and even recreated the Mona Lisa in pastels! He was also a sculptor and worked in various mediums, including metal and wood.  One time he carved a tree root, capturing the image of an embracing couple beneath a grape arbor.  I believe that I have carried his love of art and creativity forward through my line of sterling silver jewelry.

-Matching pieces are available
-Easy to use lobster clasp
-All jump rings are soldered closed
-June birthstone

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