Item: 168A Slide


                      Tern and Turn-again Slide, Necklace,

                           Silver Jewelry, Rainbow Moonstone, 2" x 1 1/2"

Arctic terns are incredible fliers. They arrive in Fairbanks dipping and swirling around our ponds and rivers after a journey of 28,000+ miles which has taken them from the tip South America to Alaska and back again. They are both graceful and beautiful with their striking black head, white body and orange legs.
I am a huge fan of Rainbow Moonstones with its included depth and blue color shift.

-This slide is sold separately from the titanium mesh, which enables you to use a chain of your own or purchase one of ours.
-We're excited about the design concept of slides because of their ease of use, versatility, economy and beauty. This piece looks spectacular on a red, black or grey titanium mesh chain

Watch the video to learn more about making your own designs with this beautiful and colorful mesh.


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