Item: 195B


The Chaparral, Roadrunner Pin

Sterling Silver Jewelry, Brooch, Turquoise, Patina, 2" x 1"

The Roadrunner is known in Texas as the Chaparral, in Mexico as Paisano (countryman) or Corre Camino (runs the road). They are one of my favorite desert birds and I always count it a good day when I see one hanging out in my back yard. They just seem to glide over the uneven terrain of the desert landscape which is why this guy was created with inline skates (beep beep)!  During their courtship ritual they will bring their intended a small edible gift of love... just as this young man is doing, except he has chosen a lovely piece of Turquoise! Please note he is also wearing goggles so he can travel even faster. Can you see one of his favorite foods tucked in among his wing feathers?

The stride of the roadrunner is 6 - 8" and the crest is raised when their curiosity is aroused. They can reach speeds of 20 - 26mph which makes them the fastest flying bird. The orange coloration around the eye is brighter when they are angered or excited. The roadrunner is a member of the cuckoo family and its range is wide and varied extending from California to as far east as southern Kansas continuing south from Arizona and Texas to central Mexico. A well traveled species! The Pueblo Indians of the southwest and other tribal cultures held the roadrunner in high regard, considering him an intermediary or messenger between men and gods.

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