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Monet Neckpiece, Silver Jewelry, 14Kt. Gold Jewelry, Carved Rose Agate, Grey Moonstone, Diamond, Baroque Freshwater Pearls, Stainless Steel Cable, 20" Length

The lush colors and beautiful flower in this stunning neckpiece makes me think of Monet's style of painting evoking a quiet retreat. The carefully carved and beautiful rose agate flower, in combination with the baroque pearls make this a very special necklace. I has great weight and the closure is hidden behind the flower. Wear the piece off center for a great look and a perfect match for that basic black dress!

-One of a Kind
-Earrings included
-Set not sold separately
-All hook earrings come with rubber safety sleeves.
-June birthstone
-The Soft-Flex cable is made from 7 strands of 7 strands (49 total) of stainless steel.

All my gallery pieces are supplied with a velvet-lined padded box, a gift/care card, polishing cloth, special instructions as needed and an anti-tarnish paper to help keep your piece tarnish-free. Please call 1 800 478 4568 if you have any questions.

A word about the Carved Flowers:
It has been by pleasure to design pieces using these beautiful flower carvings these past 4 years. They are some of the finest carvings I have ever found at the gem show. They are carved in China by a man who owned an opal mine in Australia. He used skills learned in opal manufacturing, creating doublets and triplets, to create these layered flowers. When he returned to China and set up a manufacturing site he wanted to hire disabled people because he experienced polio as a child. Hiring the disabled is unheard of in China. I am proud to support his endeavors by making beautiful pieces to share with you.

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