Item: 297AH


The Pod Earrings

Sterling Silver Jewelry, Earrings, Hooks,  Freshwater Pearl,  7/8" x 1"

I really love the shape of a pod, so beautifully engineered - like a protective mother shielding her jewels from harm and ensuring their safe delivery. I found this pod while hiking in the Sonoran desert. I'm not sure what plant it is from as I found it in the middle of a trail. But I was impressed by its delicacy and size. When I returned to my studio I encased it in wax, working to preserve the over all natural design. The pearls were found at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show.  Pods have long been a symbol of fertility, new life, new beginning and beacons of hope for greater things to come. A lot to be found in a small package!

  • Matching pendant is available

  •  All earrings are supplied with rubber sleeves



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