Item: 171B


                                     Desert Powderpuff, Thistle Pin

                                            Sterling Silver Jewelry, Patina, 2 1/2" x 1"

Not exactly a shy or retiring species and a bit prickly (like so many of us), the Desert Powderpuff Thistle can grow to almost 7' tall!  This is a North American species of thistle and is native to the southwestern United States and particularly the Sonoran Desert. They are packed with white or lavender disc florets and unlike many other thistles, this species tends not to be invasive. Thistle is emblematic of bravery, courage and loyalty. The verdigris patina is one of my favorites and captures the true color of this thistle.
As plant expert Arthur Lee Jacobson says about the thistle, "Though we cannot beat, nor like, nor use the damn thing, we must at least respect it as a formidable foe."

Be on the lookout for this formidable and courageous plant as you hike and love our desert environment.

-All pins are supplied with rubber sleeves to help prevent loss