Item: TM-18


1" wide Titanium Mesh Necklaces:

-Ten (10) beautiful, permanent colors (anodized)
-18" length (also available in 22" and 24" lengths).
-Hypoallergenic, light weight and strong
Can be shaped according to your whim:
-Expanded into a flat ribbon-
-Gently pulled at the edges for a lacy effect. The more you pull it out the shorter it becomes.
-Twisted into a spiral-
-Reshaped into its original coil simply by rolling it between your index finger and thumb or with your palms on a flat surface.
-Adjust the length to your neckline by simply pulling out a small section or tie a gentle knot.
-The clasp is easy to use and very secure... a simple push and twist to open or close. Each necklaces comes with written instructions.
-Can be used with our pin converters (see video)

Watch the video below to learn more about making your own designs with this beautiful and colorful mesh.


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