Item: 229AH Amazonite


Trillium Earrings

 Silver Jewelry, Amazonite, 3/4" Hook

Trillium, part of the lily family, is one of my favorite flowers even though they do not grace us with their presence here in Interior Alaska. They are a shy flower, preferring the undergrowth rather than seeking the sun. They are also quite large, 2 -3" across is not uncommon. They are a wildflower and prefer to be untamed. Trillium’s three leaves and petals emerge in perfect symmetry, reflecting the three facets of Consciousness, Embodiment, and Mutuality.

My mother had a love of these flowers. She had one appear under a shrub in her front yard many years ago and she always looked forward to its spring return. That was the first one I met. Many years later, walking in the woods in the Portland area on a spring day there was Trillium as far as you could see. It was truly breathtaking.

The lush color of the Amazonite reminds us of spring and all the potential it brings, it soothes the spirit and calms the soul.

-All hook earrings are supplied with rubber sleeves.
-More flower earrings.

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  1. Paulette Frisina

    Very nice

    • judiegumm

      Thank You! Judie

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