Item: 217BP Pearl


                              Violet Earrings, Silver Jewelry

                  White Freshwater Pearl, Purple Resin Enamel, 3/4" x 1", Post

Special! This is a new category. I will list items in this space which have a limited quantity. We will not be making any more of this item as they take quite a bit of time to create. We won't be putting them on sale as the time gets closer to when I close my shop and website.

Marsh Violets are always a welcome sight in the spring whether it is in the wild or in our flower gardens. If you pluck the dead blooms they will continue to produce flowers all summer. We use a durable purple resin enamel to capture the color of these lovely spring flowers. The pearl represents the unopened flower.

-All post earrings are supplied with titanium ear nuts.
-June or November birthstone


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